Responding to this article in the Globe and the associated Reddit thread.

“If an election were called tomorrow, the dynamics of the campaign could well push the NDP ahead of the Liberals.”

The NDP is forcing the Liberals to move on pharmacare and dental care. As these programs expand (which they will, because Canadians want them) they will directly benefit most working class Canadians. Only the NDP even care about these programs. A Conservative government would move to kill them.

The NDP is attacked for ‘identity politics’ but this is a misrepresentation. Sure, the NDP is opposed to racism and supports equality for all Canadians. Are these ‘identity politics’? If so, you have to ask about the motive of those who are opposed to them.

We also read that the NDP will raise taxes and run the country into deficit. I can’t think of a Liberal or Conservative government that hasn’t done this. The history of the NDP overall is fiscal prudence and good financial management. They don’t give money to wealthy donors. They focus on delivering direct support to people who need it.

I think Canadians can vote NDP. That’s why so much effort is taken by those on the right to discredit them with false narratives and name-calling. We see a lot of that in this subreddit. From where I sit, though, each one of these attacks further enhances the NDP’s credibility. If the NDP weren’t a real danger to them, they wouldn’t bother.

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