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  • The Malaise in Ottawa

    The Malaise in Ottawa

    My comment in Reddit, to the thread ‘Ottawa has changed and I can’t seem to put my finger on how’. Ottawa needs to be a city but its city council is running it like a suburb. The result is that most city functions – from policing to transit to city life – have become dysfunctional. […]

  • Our Leaders and the New Morality

    Our Leaders and the New Morality

    It is long past time we stopped looking to government, corporate and religious leaders for any guidance on morality. They have shown us time and again how deeply immoral they have become.

  • The Snowbird

    The Snowbird

    When the finance minister doesn’t follow the rules, he is showing a certain disregard for the people who die. And it leads us to suspect that this disregard applies to other aspects of his work and life as a finance minister.

  • The Mailing List

    The Mailing List

    The convention system of party governance should be abolished, the delegate system ended, and mechanisms put into place for the membership to reach agreement, point by point, on a comprehensive platform and strategy.

  • What Justin Trudeau Should Do

    What Justin Trudeau Should Do

    Trudeau should say that he appreciates the presence of strong caucus members and ministers, that they serve a valuable purpose in correcting mistakes, and that the fact that he ultimately left the decision up to Wilson-Raybould is proof of this.

  • Andrew Scheer

    Andrew Scheer

    Scheer is taking the unthinking and irresponsible route in an effort to attract attention and gain media clicks. In doing so he is debasing not only his own party but conservatism in Canada in general.

  • Moral Leadership

    Moral Leadership

    To imprison a seven-year old child and hold her without water until she dies of thirst demonstrates a complete lack of any moral leadership.

  • Reason and Reasonableness

    Reason and Reasonableness

    When I want to comment on an issue of the day – whether it’s a response to something the government has done, or a rebuttal to some argument that’s being floated in this media, this is where I will do it.