Re: the McLeans article on health care in Canada titled Private Health Care is Here

The more we have private health care in Canada, the more we create two types of victims: those who have to go into debt to afford the now-private service, and those who live with prolonged pain and suffering because they cannot afford the now-private services.

The only people who benefit are the rich, and they benefit in two ways: being able to jump the line without having to fly to the U.S.; and making money off the first group by investing in private health care services. The worse our public health care service performs, the more they benefit, which is why they support (mostly Tory but also many Liberal) politicians who underfund and undercut the service.

The McLeans article is surprisingly even-handed for that publication, but it is also presented with very much an air of fait accompli, which it will be unless we vote to fund and support public health care.

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