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Making Canada Better

This is a response to a thread on Reddit: What’s something that Canadians should work on in order to make Canada a better country?

– we need to address the creeping privatization of public health care. Governments are underfunding the current system and using this as an excuse to extend private services.

– housing is an issue almost everywhere; we need to address it by incentivizing lower-cost higher density housing along transit corridors.

– we need better transit corridors to limit sprawl and reduce dependence on cars. Cities need better transit, and we need a strong national rail network.

– free public education with a wide variety of options and choice from pre-K to post-university and lifelong learning.

– a net Zero energy system to eliminate our impact on climate change and develop resilience to fluctuations in oil markets (which, ideally, large energy exports to the U.S. to support our social infrastructure).

– an income equity program to reduce our dependence on the whims of billionaires and to develop industry through the strengthening of unions and support for co-op business models.

– reconciliation with indigenous peoples including redress for past injustice, good-faith honouring of treaty rights, and resolution of land claims.

I could probably come up with more, but these seem like the priorities.

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